Joint Fleet Command

Here you will find more information about the Joint Fleet Command, or as they are more commonly known, the Triad.

The Joint Fleet Command are the senior-most officers of Obsidian Fleet, taking the place of a single fleet commanding officer and sharing the authority and responsibility of that position in- and out-of-character. They are also the de facto Task Force Commanding Officers of the Independent Fleet Operations division of Obsidian Fleet.

Each of the Joint Fleet Command are members of the Fleet Council and collectively have the following responsibilities;

  • Responsible for overall management of the Fleet.
  • Hold General Executive Authority.
  • Ensures that all departments and associated personnel are on task.
  • Appoints all members of the Fleet Council.
  • Along with fleet webmaster, maintains OFHQ server and associated components.

Current members of the Joint Fleet Command are;

These officers of the Joint Fleet Command, and may be contacted collectively via the Obsidian Fleet Command Staff webpage.

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